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Management Team
Experience & Expertise
The senior management team of PrescribeUS has significant experience in the long-term care industry. As such they understand your facility’s unique requirements, but are also sensitive to the needs of your residents and their families. The team recognizes that one size does not fit all and works to customize services for each individual client for optimal patient care, clinical outcomes, financial management and employee satisfaction.
From the Desk of the CEO:

PrescribeUS evolved from a need I recognized while working in the LTC Pharmacy business for over 15 years. Personalized, accurate and responsive services were the most valued product a pharmacy could deliver to a facility. Having opened my own pharmacies, as well as worked for major chains, I also noted that my customers wanted integration with today's technology. Chain nursing and assisted living communities had a real dilemma. How could they get both? The current chain providers had the technology, but were falling short on their promised service because they were not run by an owner with a vested interest in the facility’s success.

PrescribeUS can deliver the entire package. Our network is comprised of independent pharmacies standardized with the same operating systems, offering the most advanced web portal and EHR interfacing capabilities. In addition, their consulting services are all run on the latest software packages. Data from all of the pharmacies are consolidated on this website for our chain management to have access to reports, dashboards and charts for all of their facilities combined, individually or by customized regions. Our purchasing power enables us to be competitive in all markets.
Give us a call and give your facilities the best both in service and technology – a national network and local solutions!
– Barry Schepp, CEO
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