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Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services
PrescribeUS delivers the comprehensive long-term care pharmacy services as those offered by large national chains with one important difference – all of our services are delivered by a local pharmacy network member with the personalized customer service you expect and deserve.
Our local presence makes a tremendous difference in the service you enjoy. Your local PrescribeUS pharmacy network member has a vested interest in your success and satisfaction. To us, you are not a faceless number in a list of facilities we serve. You are an individual client to be valued and supported.
It is our goal to help you:
  • Optimize medication services
  • Deliver superior care to your residents for enhanced outcomes
  • Improve your team’s performance and satisfaction
  • Interface to your choice of EHR systems
  • Maximize financial goals
How do we accomplish these goals? By offering competitive pricing, opportunities for revenue enhancement, centralized data and reporting at your fingertips and the standard and customized pharmacy services you and your residents need.
Competitive Pricing
PrescribeUS offers our clients competitive pricing on:
  • Brands
  • Generics
  • OTC
  • Infusion services
  • Consulting
We also don’t have any hidden fees on a variety of services, enhancing the added value we provide our clients.
  • No stat fees
  • No fees for portal services
  • No fees for medication management
  • No fees for Med D prior authorization management
  • No up-charges on branded generics
  • No “artificial” AWPs
Revenue Enhancement
In addition to the cost savings we provide, we also offer our clients a variety of program opportunities for revenue enhancement, including:
  • Pre-admission pricing to reduce concerns of a financial miscue
  • Partnerships available with respiratory services providers to increase ability to manage COPD patients and avoid readmits
    • Conversion to liquid O2 to increase Rehab participation and reimbursement
    • Assistance in establishing Vent units
  • Partnerships with wound care services providers to increase service capabilities and avoid readmits
  • 24/7 coverage to accept new admits as opportunity arises
  • Support and education for MDS mood scoring accuracy
User Web Portal
For immediate response and ease of use, we offer our serviced homes a user web portal that provides access to:
  • E-ordering Rx's
    • New and refills
  • Pre-admission pricing
  • Resident demographics
  • Order status
  • On-line billing access
  • New admit MAR/TAR
  • On-site MAR/TAR printing
  • New Admission capability
  • LOA drug info sheets
If you are interested in learning more about the pharmacy services and exceptional customer support offered by PrescribeUS please contact us today.
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